Worried that you won’t look your absolute best in your wedding photos? You are not alone! Being in front of the camera is as nerve wrecking for me as it is for most people! Most of us feel self-conscious, worry about the smallest of detail and how are we supposed to take the day in and have fun while we feel this way on our biggest day ever??! RIGHT!

Shoots by Design has put together some pointers on how to ensure you look great on your wedding images without having to focus on this aspect all day and feeling awkward!

Have a trial shoot – we call it an engagement session – so that on the day you know what to do and don’t look and feel awkward in your pictures
Besides the obvious of getting to learn poses so that they come more naturally on the day, I feel the biggest benefit of an engagement session is that you get to know the photographer, how they work, what responses works and this familiarity alone helps SO much on the day.  It also gives the photographer an opportunity to try this and try that and see what works for you and what does most certainly not work for you and he/she will focus on what works on your big day getting you even more of the more amazing shots you really want for your album.

More so, your photographer will learn how you both respond individually but also how you respond as a unit, your very own love language and how the chemistry between you two works.  This will ensure that your images pops with emotion as he/she will know what to expect in terms of responses and how to hone in on the nuances making your images so much more than just pretty pictures…

We highly recommend engagement sessions for this very reason and then the practice run for your big day is so valuable.

At Shoots by Design we teach you 4 basic poses and how we use JUST these to keep things flowing naturally for the rest of the day.  We offer Engagement sessions standalone during 2018/2019 at only R1,850 for 90 minutes, on location and would encourage any couple to have these sessions.  We would be happy to help you with this whether we will be photographing your big day or not, it would certainly help.

Have trial hair and makeup before your big day
On your wedding day, you want to look care free and at your most beautiful, so make sure you do not try something new on this day but rather book a trial session with your wedding day hair and make-up stylist as this investment will aid both of you in what you will be doing on the big day ensuring you know what you will look like and have one less thing to feel nervous about.

Have a timeline 
Tight time schedules make for stressful wedding days. We recommend no travel on the day if it can be avoided.  Book your hair and makeup stylist to come to your suite at the venue on the morning of the wedding, ensure getting dressed, and arriving for the ceremony on time happens on time, this is so important to ensure the time keeping for the rest of the day is not delayed, as this only means that you will end up either having less family/bridal party or couple’s portraits or have to arrive late for your own reception.
Ensure you have a definite timeline plan in place, discuss this with your photographer BEFORE sending out your invites to ensure you allocate enough time for everything and know when what needs to happen by.  It makes for a smooth and stress-free day which results in you being relaxed, having fun, making memories and remembering your day.

A smile goes a long way 
This sounds obvious, but you will get tired, if you don’t know what to do, look at your partner, remember why you love him/her and let those happy emotions flow…. This is the memories you will have, and your images will speak of this many moons from now!

It is so important to find a photographer you can feel comfortable with, where you can relax and really just be yourself with on your own and as a unit.

Shoots by Design offer professional wedding photography and freestanding engagement sessions.  We recommend having your trial hair and make up session prior to your engagement session in order to look and feel your absolute best.  And we will most certainly remind you, often, to smile all the time 😉  We know the DNA that makes every wedding unique because we invest time and effort into getting to know you, with and without your partner so that on the day, we can encapsulate your very essence in a way that you will treasure for years to come!

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