Which woman does not like to be pampered and made a fuss of? More importantly, which bride does not want to look her absolute best and feel confident on her most magical day.  Some of our memorable moments with our brides (and bridal party) are when you can see them flirting with themselves in the mirror during and after their transformation.  To us, it is a sign of a job well done.  This is basically as a Hair & MUA friend of mine once pointed out to me, simply a professional using the tools and techniques available to accentuate the beauty that is already there… that is the investment’s worth… at the end of the day, skill, techniques, tools and intensive training…
Many of our brides tell us that their bridal party will be doing their own as they can’t afford or won’t pay for something they can do themselves. We understand that being in a wedding is a huge commitment, both time-wise and financially.  We often tell brides that providing professional hair & MUA for the girls is one of the single-most important investment into their wedding they can make, but failing the finances to best advice your bridesmaids to deposit a few rand’s in the months leading up to the wedding and by the time the big day arrives, they will have enough to splurge on a decent hair & MUA for your special day.

Although I am a little biased on the importance of this topic, I truly believe that the investment is an important one for me to ensure your images portray exactly what you remember on your day and more.  It will reduce your stress on the day and you will value this small investment for year to come when flipping through your album.

Below are a few surprising considerations, I am sure, you might want to look at before deciding on your hair and MUA for your big day;

  • A hairstylist will make your hairstyle look fantastic from EVERY angle the camera captures.  It’s pretty straight forward for you to do your own hair and make it look good from the front or the back, but there is no telling what angles the photographer will capture during candid shots or when they are restricted from moving around during the ceremony.  A professional will know how to make your hairstyle look balanced, full and flattering from the front, back, sides, top, whatever angle the camera captures
  • A makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features.  Highlighting & contouring the right places will make you look as if you stepped out of a magazine, and on your big day, you deserve to look every bit like a model! The opposite is also valid. Professional makeup artists are trained in contouring the face, thus accentuating your best features. They are amazing at reshaping your face using brushes for shadowing and blending, much like an artist does on canvas.
  • A hairstylist knows how to make the most of any hair type.  A lot of brides worry about limp hair or massive locks, you will be amazed with a professional and muster with your hair.  Having extensive training and years of experience with so many hair types, they will leave you wishing you can afford them every morning!  FACT!  It’s not uncommon to have a bride leave saying “I didn’t know my hair could do that!”  What is your biggest hair challenge?
  • A makeup artist knows how to style for photographs.  Some foundations can make you look very caky or an overuse of powder to remove shine can end up leaving your skin acting out within hours. Incorrect foundations do not have reflectors in them so your skin might appear shiny on every image and some might make your skin look a dull colour, in some cases to pink in others too white or blue. Many of us think we can apply our own makeup beautifully, and while we often do a great job, we can fail to understand that our everyday makeup is very different from what professional makeup artists apply for the purpose of lasting for images…
  • Professional hairstylists & MUA use the right products, the right tools and techniques to make your hair and makeup last ALL day. They use top quality products giving you perfect coverage that will last all day. This is essential if you are to continue looking your best throughout your entire day, with your lipstick being the only makeup required for touch ups It’s one thing to look great when you leave for your ceremony, it’s another thing to still look great looking back in the getaway car.  Professional makeup, their tools and extensive experience will all help you to look picture perfect all day long.
  • Photographers do basic touch ups on photographs and inexperienced and not adequately trained artists or Applying makeup yourself can result in a few hidden flaws that the camera will expose. Face shine, mismatched foundation colourings and prematurely worn makeup will show up more through the camera lens than will be viewed by the naked eye. While you can fix a number of errors with digital photography, these flaws will take a considerable amount of time for your photographer to correct, which can be costly and unnecessary as it falls outside the borders of ordinary corrections. The cost of investing in a top-notch makeup artist could actually save you in the long run by not leaving you with either unexpected editing invoices or having to compromise having ill looking complexions in your images.

Before choosing a professional makeup artist or hair stylist consider the following:

  1. View previous work or portfolio if possible.
  2. Have any colouring and cutting done at least one month prior to the big date and prior to your trial.
  3. Facials should preferably be done 2-3 weeks prior to your big date to ensure you get a handle on any breakouts from the treatments and find a facial that works for you, thus ensure your skin is at it’s optimum for your magical day.
  4. Book a trial, ideally 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding.
  5. Keep your makeup application (and hair if possible) on all day, that way you’ll find out how well it lasts and how it makes you feel.
  6. Find out what brands/products your makeup artist uses.
  7. Did they make you feel relaxed and comfortable and did they listen to what you wanted?
  8. Were they punctual and reliable and did they keep to time?

We hope that the above guides you to realise the significance of top notch professionals in the hair and makeup trade for your most special of days. It’s one of the most important aspects to considering how you want to look on your images for years to come.

For more information or to obtain our preferred hair and makeup recommendations, get in touch!

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