Shoots by Design (SBD) are Cape Town based Wedding Photographers specialising in encapsulating the special essence of your very own, unique LoveStory.

We have been capturing weddings in some of the most sought-after locations in and around our wonderful City and into the Overberg, Winelands, West Coast and Boland for the past few years and fell in love with weddings the moment we entered this world of anticipation, magic and emotion. This has been a pursuit of one love story after another ever since. SBD (Shoots by Design) is a quickly growing brand where we breed a positive, fun approach to your day because we believe that your wedding is the most exciting day in your life and your vendor’s bring a certain amount of value to the ambiance.

Other things we believe in?

  • We believe you have the inherent; I was born with this power to achieve the wedding of your dreams. We endeavour to capture your day in such a way, that your vision, the true nature of your day’s ambiance, the vibe and the events as they play out, is visible and as authentic throughout the storytelling of your day in the form of portraiture art. Trust us. We’ll guide you every step of the way.
  • We believe that every couple is different and every weddings DNA is unique and our ability to lock onto that, while working closely with you during your engagement session, means we are able to hone in on your special style, your unique signature and the essence of what makes you as individuals and also as a single unit, and bring it to life. And not just bring it to life but make it a BIG wow factor. The kind of “wow” where you look at them over and over, knowing that you will relive each moment each time with renewed enthusiasm. Sound good?
  • We believe you deserve the very best your money can buy, and for this reason, we cut out the fluff that bulks up the price tag and bring include hours and the session as a base to work from.  From there you can build your package to suit your specific needs and budget. Be it with your wedding budget or adding books and prints a few months later.  Isn’t that just convenient?  We’ve got you!
  • If we’re being honest, we also believe that chocolate, a strong cuppa coffee and puppy cuddles can cure almost any bad day. #ChocolatesCoffee&PuppiesCureall

The gist is this: you’ve got something important you need to have captured … and we’re here to help you do that amazingly and with peace of mind!


Glad you asked

Based in Cape Town, Shoots by Design was founded by Dee Walters in 2013, officially, but she had been shooting with her DSLR since 2008 and before that, from the age of 14, on film with those cube flashlights (remember those? probably gives her age away!).  Fast forward to 2018, Dee started planning for her next adventure outside of South Africa and it was during Covid that she and her prince charming, Tim, accelerated their immigration plans and it is in 2021 that they handed over final reigns to Bianca (meeeeeeee!!!!).

Most of you might already know me, but let me introduce myself…

I joined SBD at the end of 2015 and immediately fell in love.  With the hype, the excitement, the build up and the thinking on my feet while having the best time ever!  I am literally an undercover bridesmaid on the day, to an under cover wedding coordinator, to everything that is needed to ensure your day goes to plan so that myself and my team can create the most incredible footage for you possible while ensuring you had the best experience along the way.  I love Love LOVE weddings THAT much!

During the years spent as second shooter, and as of 2018 more and more as first shooter, with Steven, my husband, how amazing is that to capture love with my bestie by my side!  We had a Covid wedding in January 2021, so we know all about the other side of this equation and for that reason can offer you experience on both sides.

Inherriting this thriving home based business, is amazing. We are all about heart… SBD is down to earth, full of life and super focused on getting the best shots, creative shots and emotive shots, each time and to the absolute best of our ability! We have grown from strength to strength by priding ourselves in our craft and ever learning new techniques and tricks of the trade to bring to you, our client, and the best possible outcome on your wedding day. From all this, we have gained so much experience and we are honoured to share this with you.

Whether it be sharing all of our lessons learned, so you can avoid disasters on your day, to tips on how to realise your dreams or reminding you why you’re ready, even when you think you’re not, I hope SBD inspires you to not hold back and create the wedding you have been dreaming off, alongside us being there to guide you and capture your journey every step of the way. I would be absolutely delighted to hear from you!


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